Our Mission

3M Approach

Making and Maturing Disciples of Christ to Minister

Making  Relationships

Disciples are made by relationships.

1. In Baptism God brings us into a unique relationship with Him.

2. In Baptism we are also brought into relationship with other people. God teaches the key to a healthy journey in discipleship involves having a deep and ongoing relationship with Christ and His people. Healthy friendships are essential for an individual's walk in Christ.

Maturing in Truth

1. The basis of every disciple's direction, growth and salvation is the Truth. We are people who are strongly rooted in God's Truth.

2. The Truth is served in Bible Study, Worship, Prayer and the Lord's Supper. God matures people. God molds people into His work of art in this world by applying the Truth to an individual's life. We base our identity and our worth on what the Truth tells us. We are empowered by His Truth. We grow by being in the Truth.

Ministering  Because I Am His

Every person who has come to faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus is promised eternal life. However, until that time we are here to make a difference in other people's lives.

1. We look for ways to outflow God's love to the world.

2. We encourage people to serve their Lord by doing a ministry for the Bethel family.

3. We expect, we train and we provide opportunities for people to mentor, encourage and build one another up.